Spring Sports


For 2019, baseball and softball will be offered to all 5th - 8th grade boys and girls.  All students that sign up are on the team.  For everyone's safety, student athletes should have played baseball/softball over the past two years in order to be eligible to play at SPC (please contact the Athletic Director with any specific questions or unique circumstances).  The fee includes a full uniform (pants, jersey, socks, and hat).  The season will run from April 8 thru May 17.  Teams will likely play 8-10 games (including playoffs).


BASEBALL FEE                                                         SOFTBALL FEE

5th Grade Fee = $75                                                  5th Grade Fee = $75

6th Grade Fee = $75                                                   6th Grade Fee = $75

7th Grade Fee = $75                                                   7th Grade Fee = $75

8th Grade Fee = $75                                                    8th Grade Fee = $75




Floor Hockey is our intramural sport that SPC Athletics offers.  Floor Hockey is offered to all 3rd - 6th grade students.  7th and 8th grade students may sign up to coach.  Each grade is divided up into even teams (3-4 teams per grade).  Students only play against other students from their grade.

Games are played immediately after school on set days. There are no playoffs and no standings.  The Athletic Board or designated coordinator will organize the games.


3RD GRADE=$30                           7TH GRADE COACH= NO FEE       

4TH GRADE=$30                           8TH GRADE COACH= NO FEE


6TH GRADE=$30                                                                              



2019 Floor Hockey will be played during the following weeks, with specific days for each grade to be determined – April 1-4; April 8-11; April 29-May2; and May 6-9.

Tuesday Game times

Grade    2:15-3:00PM        
Grade    3:00-3:45PM            

Monday, Wednesday or Thursday Game times  

GRADE     3:00-3:45PM
GRADE    3:45-4:30PM

 *** Specific dates/times for each grade will be determined once registration complete.



Track and Field is offered to all students in 4th - 8th grade.  Peter Block is the coach for the Track and field team.  He has been coaching at SPC for 20+ years.  There will be 3 meets this spring, all to be held at Notre Dame High School (see schedule below).  Practices will be held after school on select dates (1-2 times per week) at Resurrection High School.

•Meet #1 (Bronze Meet): Sun. 4/28/19 @Notre Dame College Prep

•Meet #2 (Silver Meet): Sun. 5/5/19 @Notre Dame College Prep

•Meet #3 (Gold Meet/League Championship): Sun. 05/11/19 @Notre Dame College Prep


4th Grade = $50                                  7th Grade = $50

5th Grade = $50                                  8th Grade = $50

6th Grade = $50